The luxury of silk sleepwear

Silk has always been synonymous with luxury.  No other fabric has been able to match the beauty and benefits that silk offers.  Silk started as the fabric used for Chinese royalty only and was once considered more valuable than gold.  The advantages and luxurious nature of silk have certainly earned its reputation over the centuries.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in silk sleepwear.

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Luxury Silk Sleepwear Robe


  1. Does not cause an allergic reactions

Allergens that are commonly found in your house such as mold, bacteria, and bugs do not thrive in silk.  Silk contains a natural repellent called sericin that keeps all allergens away.  Allergy-causingbacteria, mold, and bugs cannot live in silk and is a welcome respite for allergy sufferers.  Silk is also great for people with sensitive skin.  People that suffer from eczema, rashes and allergic reactions to man-made fabrics will benefit greatly from silk pajamas, robes,and nightwear.

  1. Luxurious and lightweight

Silk robes and sleepwear weight far less than any other fabrics.  Even though the silk fabric is incredibly lightweight, it has amazing heat-insulating capabilities.  Many people are under the misconception that silk will not be able to keep them warm in winter, but the fact is that silk is great all year round.  Wearing lightweight silk will help people suffering from arthritis and circulations problems.

  1. Ultra hygienic

Silk is dust resistant and stands up to any stains.  Silk nightshirts or robes are the most hygienic sleepwear around.  Most other natural and man-made fabrics will attract and host mites, allergens, and dust.  Investing in a silk pajamas will give you a peaceful nights rest knowing you are safe from all household allergens and pests.

  1. Breathable

Silk is an incredibly breathable fabric.  When wearing silk pajamas or nightshirt, you can be assured that there is a constant circulation of air around you when in bed.  Due to silk’s super insulating capabilities, your skin will receive constant fresh air without feeling cold.  Any moisture on your skin will also be absorbed by the silk fabric ensuring that any night chills are held at bay.  For any women experiencing symptoms of menopause, silk pajamas is an excellent choice, as the properties of silk with help with the hot flushes experiences at night.

  1. Helps with any anti-aging regime

Wearing silk nightshirts or pajamas at night will help speed up the metabolism of your skin cells due to its natural albumen content.  Albumen and increased cell metabolism will help reduce the visible signs of aging.  The smooth texture of silk also means that no frictionwill mean no wrinkles.


Silk is not the most inexpensive fabric around but one that will be a great investment.  Silk is fine and lightweight but incredibly durable.  You can be assured of long-term use and benefits of your silk pajamas and robes.  When cared for properly, your silk nightwear can last you for up to ten to fifteen years.  The health benefits are invaluable and worth the investment.