Benefits of Sleeping in Silk during Summer

With the summer heat wave building up, getting a good night’s rest might become more challenging. For many of us, the humidity still lingers in our homes even after the sun goes down.

For better comfort, you will have to adjust your sleeping regimen to suit the season, so your body feels comfortable enough to get its needed hours of sleep. What you wear to bed is very important, as it could determine if you sleep soundly, or feel uncomfortable all through the night.

This is why we recommend sleeping in a silk shirt, not just during the summer, but all year round. We’ve highlighted some of the benefits that make silk shirts our best nightwear option.

It’s lightweight

Wearing silk is like having a thin, but very comfortable material draped over your body. It is very breathable and will help keep out the humidity, while allowing cool air through. This makes it a great nightwear choice for summer, as it will almost feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

It keeps your skin dry

Silk is made of hygroscopic fibres that easily absorb one-third of its weight in liquid, without feeling damp. Worried about sweating in the middle of the night? With silk nightshirts, you won’t even notice. You won’t have to wake up from feeling the damp sweat on your body. The silk doesn’t just hold the sweat, it also helps quicker evaporation, so there’s no need to worry about changing or taking your clothes off halfway through the night.

It is hypoallergenic

Many communicable diseases easily spread during summer as insect eggs hatch in the friendly temperature. Silk is made from the cocoon of silkworms, which contains materials to protect the silkworms from harm. These materials stay in the silk even after being made into clothes, providing the same protections for the wearer. Infection carrying particles like dust mites, and asthma triggers cannot survive on silk.

It is safe for people with joint disorders

For centuries, Chinese people with joint disorders have used silk to ease the pain and aches as they come. Thanks to its very fine quality, silk does not put pressure on your joints the same way that other materials do. It is absolutely essentials, as you might turn or twist your bad joints in your sleep. If you have any joint disorders, or you are prone to aches, a silk sleepshirt can provide you with better comfort.

It feels smooth on the skin

Silk is extremely fine and feels smooth and ‘silky’ on the skin. It’s possibly the most comfortable clothing material we can find, so why not enjoy that comfort even in your sleep?

It’s luxurious!

Really, what’s more luxurious than sleeping in silk? You can wake up every morning, feeling like you slept in the clouds.


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